Some data isn’t quite correct, I have other results…. Well, I checked the internet and found that even at some producers data differs on different pages. One should simply see over such things. I don’t change database just because someone says “…xy flies actually in 36000 ft instead of 35000ft….”

If there is any other error in the database, please send an e-mail and tell me what’s wrong and why, best would be a link, where I can have a look,too. The same for programm errors – nobody’s perfect – of course without link J.

Something else to different data: we should keep in mind that it is a programm for Flusi. Some aircraft are different in FS98 from FS2000 etc.. Besides, the point is not an exact calculation but a guideline.

I fly mostly with xyz, could you include it in your database? Yes, why not. But from V 3.0 you have the possibility to create your own aircraft. See manual for details.
I don`t have an error, but an idea for the next version... Go on then, there will be a new version sometime if people are interested.
How does the program calculate how long I`m in the climb? If I start from 0ft it takes longer than from 4500ft for example. Right! Actually, I wanted to include inquiries for the starting and landing airport about height informations, but then I said to myself: it should remain a simple program. So the climbing and sinking is calculated in a lump sum from/to 0ft.
How do you do the weight conversion, at different temperatures kerosene has got a different weight per litre, hasn`t it? Right again. I just followed the FS. Why there are different conversions at all? Well, in most cases you enter the value in gallons, and there is the setting for % or lbs. But litres and metric tons are to be assigned, at least with us.
...I wanted the program to calculate a 12hour flight for B747-400, for test reasons. But I got an error message, saying the necessary fuel amount is too large. But with a 747 you could surely be 12 hours in the air, if you could fly that long even with a MD11. I am at a complete loss, but you will certainly help me… This is less a problem of keroplan, but a little bit more complicated. In the flight simulator exists no possiblility to fly an aircraft  without cargo. (If you overlook some additional tools which  change the config file.) You always (!) get a fully loaded aircraft. Perhaps it has already happened to you, that you couldn’t come up at the end of the runway, simply because the plane is too heavy.

I’ve the data from boeing.com as well as from an  address of the university Würzburg (http://cip.physik.uni-wuerzburg.de/~pschirus/aviation/flugzeuge/b747.phtml). Unfortunately here and there are also deviations, but I think those are to be neglected. Let’s do some small arithmetic examples: the tank size is really max. 171t, the consumption is given with approx. 15700l; start keroplan, let it calculate one hour, notice the value, let calculate two hours and now substract the 1st value. What you get is the consumption per hour without taxi and reserve. We get a value of approx. 15t, which is near the consumption (157001= 12,4t). The max. range can only be reached under optimal weather conditions an in an empty state. This are the arithmetic examples (keroplan just does nothing different). I come to the conclusion: 12 hours flight with a fully loaded 747-400 non-stop isn`t possible in any way, no matter how it is in reality. In the flight simulator it isn`t possible because of arithmetic reasons ;-) As you see on the websites, there are not only differences at the 747, there are also differences at the 747-400. I`ve a nice solution for the whole problem. What about a stopover, I am thinking of a refreshing bath after nine hours, a little stroll, perhaps with girlfriend/boyfriend and after that you can fly relaxed the remaining distance – isn`t that a tempting offer?:)
What is the minimum configuration I need? The program ist tested under Win95, 200 Mhz, 800x600 – o.k. It is made for FS 98/FS200 + Pro/FS2002+Pro, but it can be used with every other Flight Simulator, because the planes doesn`t change and there is no direct integration into FS (as with Lago).

From version V2.0 onwards, screenmodus 1024x768 is required for the extended mode. For data transfer you need FUSIPC.dll. See http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html for download.

The program works well, but I`ve no images… You must have forget to shift the image-register into the keroplan-register.(to V3.0)
Is there any possiblity to open keroplan by shortcut directly from FS 2002? ...I tried several things. If you click with the right mouse key on the keroplan icon and then choose properties, a window for the key combination opens (e.g. Ctrl +K). That is not so comfortable as to open FSNav in the FS2002, but it`s sufficient.
happy landings…Karsten Thank you!
There ist the message „type mismatch“ and that`s it then.
On another computer with the same system keroplan works without problems. What is the reason for that?
You need VBRuntime 6.0 for the program and install routine. It`s on the download-page – install, restart and start keroplan setup.exe.
While refueling I get the error message: „Sorry, but the content of the tank doesn`t allow the flight time” There are several reasons. First possibility: you work without FSUIPC.dll and data from the data bank are used. This plane can`t manage this flight time together with the reserve time. Second possibility: You use FSUIPC.dll. In this case the maximum tank content of all available tanks is called up. Either the wrong plane in the flight simnulator is choosen or the flight time is really too long for this model. Maybe try to set all reserve times to “0”.
"RPC Stub inkompatibel..." Show by the Link