Keroplan V3.1 ca. 4.5 MB


Update V3.1 - V3.22

show of german site ;-)

FUSIPC.dll is needed for various additional functions
VBRuntime 6.0 Additional module from microsoft. It should be installed if there are problems with installation (in most cases already installed with the operating system).

Changes in different versions:

Keroplan V1.01 - error in refuel query eliminated
- no external database anymore
- integrated installation routine
- no compulsion to install to C:
V 1.02 - aircraft database was expanded to 52 aircrafts on the whole
- floating point calculation has been changed – more information in FAQ’s
V 2.0 - little error in database corrected and expanded
- external database
- multilingual
- data transfer to flightsimulat
V 2.1 - query was corrected and database
V 2.11 - error message at floating point setting was eliminated
- update V2.102 integrated


VS 2.11 Running time error 3633 – this annoying error is now eliminated. There is now a VS2.11, that is almost identical with V2.11. There is no external database anymore. Some functions are not available anymore, this is the automatical storing of the window setting and the language selection and there is no small update possible too; but it should be possible to cope with that. To say it the simple way: VS 2.11 is for those computers which had error 3633.
VS 2.12 Now the new FS2002 is supported and the database is integrated again
V 3.0 full revision, settings will be stored (again), little lexicon, own aircrafts can be included, simulation of a fuel leak, lots of possible settings, pdf-manual
V 3.01 link error of eurowings VA eliminated
V 3.1 - converter included
- real consumption is shown
- version query included
- calculation slightly corrected
- language module extended to Spanish and partly changed
- some other small things…
V 3.2 -support for FSUIPC.dll from version 3.x
-support for FS9
-selection to NM chance
-Aircraftname from FS to Keroplan and automatic select, konficuration chance
V 3.21 - litle calculation corrected
V 3.22 - french language completed